Elodie is a teacher of yoga & tantra, a holistic, energetic & ayurvedic therapist, passionate about the human and its many facets.

The guidance & healing she has carried out since her 18th birthday are an integral part of her practices, first at 21 years she creates a well-being center to be alternative on Nantes for 6 years then this beautiful experience changed with the discovery of yoga which opened its vision of life.

Thanks to her rich and intuitive journey over the past 13 years, Elodie puts at your service her sensitivity & her passionate nature; the guidance and her knowledge of the different practices she teaches will bring you many transformations.

A whole that connects the “soul, body and spirit” of people who are on her way and whom she loves to guide, at your own pace and gently.

She has received this is teaching from Yoga in India to Goa where she returns for 3 years in a row to strengthen her practice, traveled and her greatest happiness, a real tourist guide for the interested.

Program: Yoga & Spirituality

Morning: Yoga open at all levels with Elodie (Teacher of Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga)

In an idyllic setting, an awakening of the body and a stimulation of the mind accompanied by the sunrise according to the energy of the group and in consciousness.

Alternation of Yoga Practices:

The practice of Hatha makes it possible to rejuvenate through a slow chain of posture, listening to the senses, its globality, this brings a deep and gentle relaxation.

In the practice of Vinyasa, insistence is given on the link between movement and rhythm of the breath that allows to purify and harmonize the body.

Toning practice promotes reconnection to body, fluidity of movement, breathing and positive thinking.

Repeated practice, improves suppleness, strength and endurance, allows stress to be evacuated and its weight controlled in a sustainable and free way.

Late afternoon: Workshop by group (Circle of speech, self-knowledge, restorative yoga, meditation, Nidra yoga, sound yoga …

Spiritual, conscious and deep work at the end of the afternoon or day.
With respect and goodwill.

Contact and registration: www.elodit.website