Training description:
Female Yoga for women’s bodies and psyches, is coming to India for the first time. It starts online in July 2020 and then we meet in Goa for the live intensive during October/ November 2020. It is both a personal Feminine Embodiment Initiation AND an accredited Teacher Training Certification in ‘Feminine Embodiment Yoga’. Rather than following the unquestioned Hatha Yoga forms; this style was uniquely designed by a woman, for women. It encourages women to embrace the full range of their femininity for personal vitality and planetary evolution.
Teacher bio: 
Dévashi Shakti is the modern Founder of Female Yoga for women’s bodies. With a background in women’s mysteries, sacred sexuality and somatic therapies since 1997; Dévashi has been a leading pioneer in feminine embodiment teachings and practices. Her school ‘Shakti University’, offers professional training in Feminine Embodiment Yoga and in Women’s Somatic Psychotherapy Coaching.