An absolutely enlightening journey

The retreat as a whole was an absolutely enlightening journey, it was an experience in which has impacted me on so many levels, with moments so rich in culture, beauty of nature, spirituality, genuine friendships, healing, and indulgence in yoga in so many realms. The accommodations were perfect. My little villa was beautiful! I loved the space, it was clean, warm, and had everything I could ask for! All the staff at Samata continually went above and beyond of all my expectations, and they helped whenever I had an questions and furthermore, became true friends in whom I connected with on many levels. I am so grateful for the beautiful souls who work there! Saysana was an absolute gem, and beyond helpful. Brent as well was organized and so lovely to speak with and organized my massages :). Tess made the most incredibly breakfasts and was the kindest, most genuinely beautiful person inside and out, and I am so grateful for all that she did, she is so maternal and made Samata feel like a home. She also gave me an Ayurvedic massage which was one of the most powerful and beautiful healing therapies I have had. Furthermore, the taxi drivers and all transport was so incredibly arranged! Babu was so helpful! The food was a whole other story!!! As mentioned, while staying at Samata, the breakfasts were absolutely the most delectable, wholesome delicious breakfasts I’ve experienced! Tess has a a gift and I plan to try and re create some of her cooking here at home! The lunches at the cafe at Tamarind Tree Cafe were phenomenal! I was so impressed everyday eating there! The quality, tastes and diversity, and service was arguably the best I’ve ever had. And then, Matsya!!!!! Our dinners were delectable. Gome is the most talented, inspiring, and creative chef. His food is heavenly, he makes eating a whole experience with tastes, colors and textures that are invigorating and nourishing. The food while on my stay was amazing.