We have a new website for the school to get the full and accurate information: www.yogiartcenter.com.

Our school for children ages 3 to 12 operates a 5 minute walk away from the Mango Tree Private Retreat.  We are openly accepting volunteers and donations to help our school grow. Thanks for your support.

YogiArt Center has matured and grown, with nearly 50 students at its peak.  We know there are so many young families who do not want to get stuck in their country because of school, and we need all these families’ support to make this school a long-term reality.

Samata’s Cashew Tree property has a lot of potential. There is one big Indonesian central hall, which will be converted into the main assembly room and classroom art center.  We have 2 other structures which will be turned into classrooms, 5 communal bathrooms, a big area for the kids to run and play, and big shaded areas for outside 20150106-dscf5325activities even when the sun gets hot.  An open-air campus of 6,000 square meters tucked in our great Temple Road neighborhood, the property backs up onto cashew hillsides for endless walks and wildlife adventures.  Focusing on outside activities and making learning fun, we are excited to have such shining and special children blessing our space.  5 days a week will be a full curriculum of fun and creative interactive activities to enrich and inspire these young minds and to give them a safe and loving environment to build their social skills among their peers. If you live in Goa during the season and have a child who would like to join our school, please contact us for more information at info@samatagoa.com.

The Samata YogiArt Center is an International learning center in Arambol, Goa, India. Having a strong emphasis on Yoga and Art, we also will focus on basic academic principles. By Yoga, we do not mean only stretching, but the fundamental philosophy to attain awareness and balance in our life. We include Art as a means to harness each child’s creative potential and nurture their uniqueness. We will have many fun workshops including gardening, building, dance and movement, music, and more…

Through our educational process, we care about the holistic development of the child that unites heart-mind-body-speech-action. It is important for us to put equal attention in developing all these aspects of a child’s nature.

Our Mission :

Provide a safe and loving atmosphere of structure which provides clear boundaries and encourages the students to become self-disciplined.

To help develop the children’s ability to act with gentleness, respect, fearlessness, and confidence in working with themselves and with others.

Nurture a fundamental appreciation of the world as it is in all its richness.
Nurture the students’ awareness, trust, and expression of their Fundamental Goodness.