Relish the best nature has to offer at our yoga retreat!“What you eat is what you are.”
–Anhelme Brillat-Savarin & Ludwig Feuerbach

The Samata Organic Garden is what you walk through while entering the Mango Tree Cottages. The land is gently sloping into a valley of rice fields surrounded with coconut trees. When you stay at Samata’s Mango Tree Cottages, you will witness all our systems of sustainability.

Food is the foundation of human health and well-being, and directly affects the energy of our body and state of our mind. By choosing to grow our own food with care and attention to both the land as well as the people that tend to it, we ensure that we close the loop in the healing path that you have chosen. Samata, which means balance or equilibrium in Sanskrit, means that in every facet in our life, we must attempt to restore balance in ourselves. This extends to the environment around us. Our agricultural village outreach programs have the ability to change the way the locals view their land and help them make the choice to be ecologically responsible, not to mention increasing the overall health and well-being of their families.

Chemically farmed for almost three decades and left to lie fallow the last two years, we’ve begun rehabilitating the soil with the intention of nurturing the land, while growing a large portion of the Samata’s fresh produce. Our team includes the Goan family who have leased us their land and ourselves – city-bred Indians and travelling foreigners who have been disenchanted with the grind of capitalist society and are looking for ways to be self-sustainable in a rapidly changing world.

The Garden is also a research experiment, to see by doing, how long it will take to rehabilitate depleted soil and be able to compare the results of organic farming to chemical methods. Only through our success will we be be able to show by example why organic is superior in every way – an example we hope the local neighbors will want to follow. With a mix of traditional Vedic farming practices, biodynamic principles, appropriate modern technology, and a healthy dose of research, experimentation and observation, we hope to cultivate in ourselves a respect for Mother Nature, nurturing ourselves as we nurture the land.

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