Samata’s Tamarind Tree Property 
is located on Temple Road on the outskirts of Arambol, just 1km before Jungle Dance Cafe. Here we host Non-Residental Retreats and Drop-In Classes.

Non-Residential Retreats
 Our newly built Tamarind Temple Shala with no pillars is a huge 10×12 meter space on the interior of the beautiful Tamarind Tree property.  You will have access to the space for one week groups from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, and have access to the pool area and grounds.  There is also a kitchen and chill out area to cater food from an outside vendor if you choose, however cooking for the group on the property is not permitted.
If you are a teacher who is interested in booking a Non-residential retreat, please contact for further information.
If the owners to the property happen to not be in Goa, their personal residence may be available for rent only for teachers and students who book a Non-residential retreat.  A rare and luxurious option for a students who may want to live on the retreat location.  Please ask for details
Drop In Classes

On our newly renovated rooftop, we will be hosting a number of Drop In classes ranging from Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Dance Classes, Meditation and more….

If you are a teacher who is interested in being a  drop-in teacher, please contact for further information. It is important to know that you will be responsible to self-promote, that we do not have students who just show up to the class, and that we do a percentage share

See our schedule of drop-in events here for next season.