27 December 2019–3 January 2020

Start 2020 with a fresh breath and clear vision – we’re going to Goa! Warm weather and serene surrounds, it’s truly an idyllic place for a yoga getaway.


Located in a quiet village, just behind Arambol beach in north Goa, you’ll be surrounded by organic gardens where you can see the produce used to make the delicious meals served to you. Watch the monkeys and enjoy the wildlife that lives peacefully by your side during your stay.


Led by Stretch founder Carl Faure, you can expect to dive deep in each practice. Inspired by animal flow, natural movement and Scaravelli yoga, he will take you through your paces and allow you to fully embody each movement. The perfect complement to this movement is inspirational breathing facilitator, Nicola Price, guiding you through breathing practices and holding you in a safe space to truly let go.


Enjoy the many treatments available such as Chinese and Tibetan medicine, acupuncture, Ayurveda, massage and more. Spend lazy days with a book around the pool or hop on a motorbike and explore the beautiful beaches of Goa.


Enjoy three delicious meals a day, made with organic, home-grown produce and a whole lotta love. In between mealtimes, the communal kitchen is available for use, with teas and fruit available.


With a gorgeous view to the lush tropical gardens, the rooms are decorated in traditional Goan style with ornate furnishings and plenty of space to stretch.

If you have any questions, email us


An escapee from the high-flying world of club music, Stretch founder Carl first found yoga as a way of healing the excesses of “too much fun”. Carl believes that creating community and harnessing the support it gives is key to the transformational process, and he’ll bring this philosophy to classes every day.


Proof that it’s never too late to learn something new, founder of Inspirational Breathing, Nicola Price, first discovered the powerful tool of breath when she was 50. She initially trained with Transformational Breath, then with Giten Tonkov’s Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System® and has dedicated her life to learning and experiencing all that she can ever since. Nicola has a solid reputation and passion for building a tribe of talented breath workers, helping others find freedom through their breath.