goa_indiaj_003Individual Sessions:

Counseling&Hypnotherapy: “From Trance to Transformation”

Was designed to unlock our most powerful recourses, to let go of old stories and patterns, to release traumas, to learn how to move beyond limiting thoughts, memories, emotions and perceptions, to reconnect with our own clarity and sense of direction, to bring awareness in our every day life. We can naturally enter in the space of wisdom, intuition and oneness and regain the confidence in our own ability to transform the life. This profound therapeutic work is an integrated flow of hypnotherapy, eastern awareness techniques, breath and meditation, experienced in a safe and loving environment.

“Talking to the Body and Mind”

In this process we will inquire with respect and loving kindness into what your body and mind really needs.

Using hypnosis, you first reconnect with your body/mind, making friends with it, and then you start a healing process by communicating with your unconscious, in a state of deep relaxation.

This meditative therapy can be used to restore your natural balance and dissolve issues like: weight control and eating disorders, smoking, depression, emotional and physical traumas and other ailments.

It is based on an ancient Tibetan technique and Hypnosis

7 days Group; Drop In classes; Individual sessions

Healing Bodywork: Ayurveda Yoga & Thai Massage

To reduce stress, to feel relaxed and rejuvenated in Body and Mind:

It is a wealth of techniques including: deep tissue bodywork, therapeutic Yoga stretches, conscious use of breathing, rebalancing and healing. A very effective way to open up the body&mind, relieve muscular and emotional tension, align the body, reduce stress and calm the mind. The benefits: Gives the body ease • energy and aliveness • Stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system • detoxifies and rejuvenates • Releases the tension and stiffness in muscle tissues and emotional holdings • Calms the nervous system • Improves concentration and brings awareness in the body. We will create the safe space when you can surrender to the relaxation and totally let go…


Active Meditations, Dance Meditations, Passive Meditations.


Healing touch for stress reduction and deep relaxation. Allows You to tap into an unlimited supply of life force energy.