img_7787-1As a sophisticated gypsy, her travels and studies lead her to her own healing and transformation. A life-long seeker of truth, she tried dozens of healing paths and found that the quickest way to her own healing was through somatic practices. She realized the body is a tremendous source of releasing tension and traumas. We hold our own key to unlock old patterns and embrace power, freedom and relaxation. Danielle began studying various forms of bodywork and systems of yoga and meditation in the early 2000’s to find peace in her own skin. At some point in her seeking she realized she was on her life path- that offering what she was learning was a part of unlocking her dharma.

In 2008, Danielle began her bodywork studies with Temple style Lomi Lomi massage. Since then she trained in Jin Shin Jitsu- Acupressure, Tui Na massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and 5 Element Essential Oil Therapy. Using her expertise and drawing from her mediation practice, she strives to offer you transformation and growth. Together we embrace the beauty of ourselves and we dance the spirit dance of true freedom- on the yoga mat or on the massage table.