43-02After traveling extensively all over the world, we have concluded that the climate in Goa during the winter season is one of the best in the world.  It is warm and sunny during the day, great for sunbathing and swimming, and at night, you might even need a sweater, a jacket, and a cozy blanket for sleeping. The air is quite dry compared to other southeast Asian destinations, so there is no need for AC, just the occasional fan for a breeze and air circulation.

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Here is a description of each month….

October : In October, Goa is still sleepy, quiet, and peaceful. The earth is still green from monsoon rains, and you can even get the occasional shower from time to time.  It’s one of the more humid months, but a lovely part of the season as it’s before most of the tourists arrive.

November : November is a great month here, as the humidity starts to decrease, and it’s still not overcrowded by tourists.  Beaches are clean and empty just before the rush in the next two months.

December/January : December starts to be a busy time in Goa, and it can start to be cold at night. It is a more festive time with Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. There are bustling night markets and the famous daytime Anjuna flea market. It’s lively with lots of fireworks and beach parties.

February : February is a great month, as the package tourists have decreased, and what is left is an eclectic group of young expat locals who organize social events and parties. The weather is pleasant but starting to warm up again, and still cool at night.

March/April : Goa starts to quiet down, the weather starts to warm up, but it’s still a wonderful time to be in Goa before the monsoon rains replenish the earth here. The beaches are more quiet, but all the markets are still up and running.

We look forward to serving you and making your retreat experience a blissful one.  🙂