anouk_image_cropAnouk is partner, trainer, organizer and practitioner of the unique fusion of massage and bodywork ‘Alchemy of Touch’, which is a unique and profound approach in the healing arts. She teachesAlchemy of Touch Massage and Bodywork Trainings worldwide, together with her partner Tapesh Paradiso who is the Founder of the Alchemy of Touch Massage System. Every massage session will be customized to your personal needs. Alchemy of Touch Massage is the unique fusion of Deep Tissue Massage in motion, Rebalancing, Joint Mobilization, Yoga Thai Stretches, Digital Pressure Massage, Holistic Massage, Visceral work, Meditation and  ‘Alchemy of Touch’ Innovative Method; ‘Fluid Touch’. Anouk provides and shares world wide ‘Alchemy of Touch’ Massage and Bodywork Trainings and shares her individual sessions as well on a global scale.