16-02Samata’s Mango Tree site is the home of your Private Retreat Center for groups that come from overseas.  We now have two options for booking the Center. Small groups are welcome to book half of Samata with a group of 8- 12 students or book the whole Center with 15+ students. Contact us for further details.

Samata Clinic 

We have some of the most talented and experienced practitioners in the Asian Holistic Arts ranging from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupunture, Tibetan Medicine, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, and a wide range of Massage and Body Work.


All of the cottages are built from traditional style Indonesian village homes, all from recycled teak wood. Our rustic yet elegant architecture has a temple feeling. All rooms have AC, en suite bathroom, hot water, wifi, and a safe for your valuables.

Single Room – 4 available

Deluxe King Room – 6 available

Deluxe Twin Room – 6 available

Triple Room – 2 available

Master Suites – 2 available

Tear Drop Pool 

Our large and beautiful pool at Mango, in the shape of a tear drop, is a great place to relax in the sun on our comfortable pool chairs. Drink a juice, catch some rays, and cool off during the hot afternoons.

Yoga Facilities

Mango Shala : A 12x 12 meter open floor that can fit 30-50 students on a hardwood bamboo floor.

The Nest and The Perch : : When running simultaneous Half Retreats, our Master Suites convert into extra workshop spaces, so that each of the groups have their own personal intimate space, and then the groups share the use of the Mango Shala. Its an incredible option to make sure that each group has the personal space that they need.

– All are equipped with mats, bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps.

Food At Samata

Amrit Holistic Kitchen: Breakfast is served early morning and is a full spread of fruit, muesli, porridge, organic free range eggs, salads, fresh, juice, tea, and coffee. Lunch at noon features our ever-changing Ayurvedic Garden Thali filled with fresh ingredients from our garden. Vegan and Gluten Free options are also available upon request. Dinner is a vegetarian fusion meal, chef’s choice!

Mango Tree Communal Kitchen: During the free time of the day in between classes, the Mango Tree Communal Kitchen will be fully stocked and acts as a communal kitchen for your pleasure. Assortment of teas, coffee,  and other snacks will be available for your enjoyment. Help yourself and feel at home; it’s all part of your package.

Organic Veggie Garden

We have a hardworking and dedicated team of organic gardeners who have managed to rehabilitate land that was chemically farmed for over 30 years. Reintegrating organic and biodynamic principles as well as training the villagers around us has been a toiling, yet ultimately satisfying, endeavor. The success of our garden has sparked interest among the local Goans, and we hope to inspire many gardens like ours around the neighborhood. While you stay with us, you will witness the food that you eat while it grows. Fresh herbs and greens are harvested daily for our vibrant salads. You won’t find another center in India that has gone to this much trouble to ensure that you get the best nutrition during your stay.