The Mango Shala has been upgraded with a beautiful hardwood floor. It’s a 12 x 12 meter structure that can comfortably fit 30+ students. The mirrors can be covered by curtains if required.

The Nest and the Perch, the extra shala’s at Mango Tree are for when we run two groups at the same time. They are perched on the 2nd floor overlooking the rice and buffalo fields lined with coconut palms. Each Half Retreat gets one of these smaller venues completely to themselves, and then the groups alternate and take turns for the main Mango Shala

The Tamarind Temple Shala, will be used for Non-Residential groups. It is a 10 minute walk away can also be used if teachers require rope walls and additional props especially for Iyengar teachers.  This space will only be available if no other non-residential retreat is using the space.