Join us in the beautiful sun drenched Goa, India, where we will dive deep into the heart of transformation, exploring movement, stillness and healing practices. We have designed this retreat to reawaken our connection with ourselves, each other and the earth.

The journey of transformation calls for us to make time and space to nurture and strengthen our body and be boldly curious of our inner world. Over the week the practices will be both deep and challenging, quiet and nurturing, as well as joyful and light to strengthen, open and harmonise the body, mind and heart. We will go deep into the exploration of yoga asana, meditation techniques and conscious breath to guide us towards more presence, connection and freedom.

Venturing beyond the yoga practices to find greater awareness and understanding we will share stories and intention, join in sacred ceremony and ritual. January is a  perfect time for new beginnings and to sow seeds and prayers of intention. We will be gathering just after the Full Moon in Leo, a time to journey into your heart and allow yourself to shine. Supporting us with strength and courage to be our most authentic self and follow our deepest heart desire. We will work with these energies to reflect on our journey so far and burn away anything that no longer serves us. We will open ourselves to our greatest dreams and possibilities, blazing a new trail to where we have never dared go before.

A retreat offers a safe and supported environment to open new spaces within your practice and it is always a dream come true for Mischa and Amisha to have the opportunity to offer the work that they themselves have found so extraordinarily powerful. We will be treading upon the sacred land of Maha India from where these traditions were born; it is a perfect opportunity to connect to the deeper ways of yoga and dive further into ourselves and the Great Mystery in a guided, held and joyful way.

We will be further supported by our hosts Samata in this beautiful retreat, not just a retreat centre but a place where you will learn about food, ayurvedic herbs, and be truly nourished. The Heart of Transformation offers a week of discovery, healing, new friends and delicious food in a safe and beautiful space.

We hope you will join us to dance in the heart-fire and under the sun and moon and beneath the stars.