50 Hour Women’s Self-Care Training with Emily Kuser  | Feb 23-28, 2018 at Samata Holistic – Goa, India

Rates Include: tuition, manual, one-on-one council, 3 meals per day

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For female therapists, psychologists, yoga teachers and all women interested in learning a self-care program designed specifically for women. Learn to take care of you first. Especially if you are taking care of many others. You will leave this training feeling clear, revitalized, supported…and inspired. The skills, techniques and creativity cultivated in this training will become a gift to share with your female clients, patients, students, family and friends.

~Enjoy fresh and honest information about women’s sexuality, physicality, psychology and spirituality — including understanding pleasure, menstrual reclamation, embracing fertility, developing self-esteem, healing depression and eating disorders, and busting cultural taboos.

~Learn to create self-care rituals that are respectful and aware of the various cycles in women’s lives and bodies. This is crucial to female vitality, self-respect and spiritual empowerment.

~Learn to sense where ‘things’ are located in the body and what these things actually do. Understand why women’s emotions, menstruation and energy levels work in cycles and how to work with these cycles. We will also discuss when women may need additional mental physical and emotional support and who is available and working in these fields.

~Incorporate the the lunar cycles into your life. For many women this facilitates clear  decision making, a deep trust and connection with nature and access to a nature based calendar that reveals when to work, plan and be social and when to reserve energy, retreat and rest.

~Discover simple life tools that improve digestion, menstrual relief, invoke deep relaxation, boost sexual pleasure, intimacy and self-respect.

~Discover meditation & movement practices that accept, validate and nourish women’s lifestyles, relationships and constitutions.