Your yoga teacher – Jonelle Lewis

Jonelle Lewis is the ‘Yankee’ in Yankee Yoga.  An American living in London Jonelle dabbled with Ashtanga in 2004 while she was pregnant with her daughter Francesca. After a long break from yoga in 2011 she began practicing with a purpose. While going through a difficult divorce she found her yoga practice really helped her get her life back. It was liberating, invigorating and healing.

In March 2014 she left London behind and went to India to train as an yoga teacher. She trained with The Yoga People run by Dulce Aguiler and Jamie Clarke. She’s a certified as an Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance’s 200 hour foundation course. In 2015 she completed an 100 Yin Yoga training in Bali with Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier. Jonelle teaches all over Central and South London.

From growing up in Philadelphia and living in DC and NYC she brings an international vibration and an authenticity into classes which are edgy and filled with a lot laughter. Jonelle brings a fresh yet faithful approach to time honoured traditions. Glorious, radiant and one-of-a-kind Jonelle’s vivacious spirit carries the very heart of yoga.

What you can expect from your retreat…

Fabulous Ayurvedic treatments, lush and luxurious surroundings… Daily yoga; a personal one-hour consultation or treatment at Goa’s finest holistic clinic; fabulous organic vegetarian food to melt the heart of even the staunchest carnivore; spacious private suites and villas amidst abundant vegetation and paddy fields, with a beautiful tear-drop shaped swimming pool, a one-acre organic farm, and bountiful gardens, just minutes from the golden beaches of North Goa.

Mouth-watering organic food fresh from the farm…

Exquisite Ayurvedic culinary delights… Crafted by head chef Tess Rosenbush from top quality, locally sourced, ethically produced organic foods and freshly picked herbs, veggies, and fruits from the vast organic garden. Tess and her team keep ayurvedic guidelines and principles of food combining in the preparation of all meals for optimal health and digestion.

Organic lassis and spicy homemade chai… Made with love using Samata’s own garden-grown ginger and raw organic milk from their own grass-fed cow. This creamy milk is also used to make home-made organic butter, paneer, ghee, yogurt and sour cream. All Samata’s eggs come from their own well-loved, scrap fed and organically raised hens.

Holistic and Ayurvedic treatments with world-class therapists…

Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Tibetan medicines and therapies… as well as a full range of bodywork and massage and leading practitioners. Acupuncture, TCM, cupping, moxibustion, TTM, Shirodhara, Svedana and Karma Chikitsa are amongst the treatments available at the Alternative Medical Treatment And Rejuvenation Center as well as Vedic Astrology. International physicians offer a wide variety of therapies and expert guidance as well as an extensive herbal pharmacy for support regarding specific health issues or nourishing your life in general.

The ancient medicinal lineages represented at Samata are based on a deeply holistic view of life and health. This ideal, called ‘swastya’ in Ayurveda, is the discovery of the unique nature of a person’s body, mind, and spirit. In Sanskrit, ‘Samata’ means the state of equilibrium and balance. The core intention of the on-site healing center is to support you in realizing your innate Samata.