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Bring your class to our Ayurveda retreat in India!Samata Holistic Retreat Center welcomes and can facilitate any type of retreat such as Yoga, Dance, Meditation, or any other Healing Modality. The season for retreats in Goa can start as early as mid October and continue until the end of March.  We are now considering staying open during the monsoon months (May – September) at a discounted rate for those groups who are adventurous and not afraid of the heat and humidity.

Samata operates by hosting teachers who bring their groups. Please refer to Booking Information to help you decide which time of the year will suit you the most in regards to your schedule. And don’t forget to check out the services we provide at the Samata Clinic to enhance the experience of your retreat.

Please Contact Us for serious inquiries and to confirm your booking….


Retreat Listings

Moving from earth to space, from head to heart ... It is no longer necessary to struggle with our body on the ground … We are learning how to fly! How to practice Yoga suspended in the air… by a silk hammock How to remember the cocoon of our mother's womb The cradle and the swing of our childhood – both are like hammocks. How to reconnect with the spark of our heart, which makes us fall in …Read More

Now the momentum has really picked up at Samata.  Looks like we will have full bookings every season from here on out. Now bookings are even coming 2 years in advance.  So if you have plans to come to Samata, please contact us sooner than later to reserve your spot. See you in Goa  …Read More Journey of Sacred Play Our home will be an Ayurvedic farm, Samata Goa, where food will become our medicine and divine creativity will bring alive the dance between Shiva + Shakti, the sacred dance of masculine and feminine. We will heal our hearts, uplift our spirits and reignite passion for life!  Play is accessible to all and Chris and Audrey will be there to f…Read More For dedicated students, teachers and those seeking a deep immersive experience, this retreat offers a chance to explore, study and practice the major limbs of the Yoga tradition. The practice will be taught within the background and framework of both the classical Tradition, the Hatha Yoga practices and the Mahayana Buddhist tra…Read More

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