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I had a wonderful stay at the Samata Holistic Center

I had a wonderful stay at the Samata Holistic Center during the 2013 Christmas week. My fellow yoga friends and I were there on a retreat held by Pure Yoga HK. Our group stayed at the Mango Tree site, which consisted of 8 cottages that were newly built, an outdoor kitchen/lounging area, a teardrop pool and an organic vegetable garden. The highlight of this property was the gorgeous overgrown Mango tree that was located right at the center of the grounds. We spent many lovely afternoons under the shade of the Mango tree relaxing and unwinding from the bustling city life. The entire staff was very welcoming and was there to help us with any requests we had. Especially amazing were the meals at the center, delicious and healthy dishes, made using ingredients sourced from the organic garden. Not only were the dishes full of nutrients, they were also visually beautiful with vibrant colors popping out at you. Each meal was such a pleasure. I really enjoyed practicing yoga outdoors in the open shala, surrounded by trees and the sound of birds and the gentle breeze that would cool us down during our poses. It was such a different experience from practicing indoors! It was a truly memorable week at Samata Holistic center and I hope to return again soon.



So lovely, such a wonderful haven!

So lovely, such a wonderful haven! The bathrooms smelled with freshness every morning. The daily teas that were made for us made us feel so cared for and healthy. Love to you all, may this space continue to grow and prosper and attract more wonderful people. Thank you for our home away from home.

L & Z


The visit exceeded my expectations

The visit exceeded my expectations in a myriad of ways. From the wizards in the kitchens to the plants people in the garden. The rooms and yoga shala provided all the space, light, fresh air and liberty I wished for.



Thank you for the most wonderful time

I will miss the morning walk across the fields to breakfast and yoga, fabulous lunches, lazing by the pool. Thank you for the most wonderful time.



Everybody treated us like queens

To the Samata Family: Helen Keller once said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they must be felt with the heart.” Our hearts were immediately touched by the peaceful energy that emanates from the Mango Tree Residence and from the main area of Samata center. It relaxed our minds, distressed our bodies, filled us with beauty so that we could absorb the experiences we had. The warm tea that awakened our sleepy minds, and the cold one that cooled over our warm bodies in the afternoon; the tastes of the dehydrates fruits, the lady gardeners that quietly weeded the garden, the cleaning crew who greeted us with bashful smiles, the cooling water of the pool and the seating under the mango tree. Even the insects in our rooms all contributed to the peace we felt. Everybody treated us like queens, accommodating our requests, making sure we were comfortable, so that we could enjoy and benefit our yoga retreat to the maximum. We offer thanks starting straight from the man who opened and closed the bus door, to the organizers, executers, and creators of this retreat center. And to the chefs who pleased our palate’s with new and subtle tastes. And a special thanks to Alex who has given us a new meaning to the word beautiful. When we hear it, we will be reminded of the deep and gentle voice that said it and the eyes that saw it in each and every one of us.

Jordanian Group


I’m so glad I came for this opening

What else! The perfect place, the right moment, such a nice project… I’m so glad I came for this opening. More than anything, thank you for the great team with great vibrations, great love, we can feel it.

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